July 25-26, 2015: Photography Workshop ~ “Shoot What You Love”

Overall Instruction Topics

Knowing your camera—bring whatever camera(s) you use—phone, digital, etc.:

  • Buttons, focus sensor, wheels, letters, f/stop, ISO, shutter speed
  • Icons—what they mean

Knowing your lenses

Seeing photographically what you like to photograph—landscapes, people, events, fine art composition, etc.:

  • What do you see—color, composition, light & shadow; how do you practice it?
  • How to create that image from your mind and translate it into Photography versus Graphic Art


  • Ways to capture an image—digital, film, etc.
  • Components of your image: exposure, depth of field, sharpness, clarity, color/monochrome

Composing your Photos—what & when:

  • What—lines, shapes, light & shadow, color
  • When—the golden hours, open shade, studio-window light, indoor—strobe/continuous light

Portrait Practice

Rules and “When to Break Them”

Receive group & personalized instruction with opportunity to take pictures at the Octagon House and around Red Wing. Review pictures and discuss “What is great photography?”


“What most excites me about photography is sharing my view of the world with others and sharing a piece of myself at the same time.”

Luke Luther is a social worker specializing in troubled families who find solace in the simple mechanics of photography. Originally Luke was an abstract photographer who evolved over time to enjoy capturing people and nature in his photographic prints. What attracts him to people is seeing the person beyond or through the simple physical presence.

Luke owns his own photography studio—discerning light photography. To see more of his photography, go to www.discerninglight.zenfolio.com.