September 28 & 29, 2013: Photography Weekend


  • Seeing photographically what you like to photograph ~ landscapes, people, events, fine art composition, etc.
  • Ways to capture an image ~ film, digital, glass plate
  • Numerous ways to determine exposure, depth of field, sharpness, clarity, color/monochrome
  • Many processing potentials for post capture of the image ~ print, digital portfolio, web site, phone album, book
  • Having your own vision
  • Photo composition ~ why, how, what
  • Lens Selection
  • Personal versus art, portrait or wedding photography


Luke Luther is a social worker specializing in troubled families who have found solace in the simple mechanics of photography.  Originally Luke was an abstract photographer who evolved over time to enjoy capturing people and nature in his photographic prints.  What attracts him to people is seeing the person beyond or through the simple physical presence.